IDM 4.5.5 with O365 driver

I want to use the O365 group entitlement to control access to various O365 mail-enabled security groups. I have the O365 driver configured to use the group entitlement with the IDM4 format and have enabled Role and Resource mapping for application groups. My problem is that when I go to my user application resource catalog I can see the driver's group entitlement but when I try to assign a group nothing appears. I have restarted the driver multiple times and I have run the entitlement query collection agent to no avail. It is my understanding that since these groups are in the cloud that they will not have normal DN's like AD groups will but that they should appear in the list. What NetIQ documentation I have been able to find so far does not really indicate one way or the other, only that the driver supports synchronization of O365 groups so I'm a little unsure if there is something more that I am missing.

I am not looking to provision/create new security groups, only add/remove access to existing O365 groups for users.

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.