We have xdas auditing configured in our edirectory (log to file and syslog)
This has been working for several years, but recently xdas stopped logging certain events.

It seems to happen after we updated to the latest edir 8.8.8 patch 10 (we updated from patch 6 or 7)

At the time we followed this procedure to activate audit login for certain attributes (eg as described in this doc for the phone number):

But now a modification of an attributes doesn't log anything it seems that no ROLE_CREATE or ROLE_DELETE events are logged anymore.
(Don't know why this is a Role Management Event but this is the documented way ...)

If we enable other events eg ROLE_MODIFY or QUERY those events get logged without a problem.

Is the netiq procedure not valid anymore and we need to do a different configuration to get attribute changes in the xdas log files?
Have there been changes to the xdas module with a recent patch ?
Some way to debug this ?
Is somebody else having these issue ?

All of our edir's in the tree are affected
We currently are on edir 8.8.8 patch 10

Any help is appreciated.

Kind Regards,