Running Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Version 4.6.1
Build Revision 43706

I probably messed up somehow, but I can't seem to access the UA log
level page any more in IDMProv under Administration -> Application
Under Administration everything except RBPM Provisioning and Security is
greyed out.

My user has all roles that have the category "System Roles".

The reason I need to change the log level is because I have a PRD that
worked fine in 4.6.0. In 4.6.1 it won't load...

Going through "Make a Process Request" shows the following error:

Failed to retrieve data items for provisioning request form.

Error evaluating start data items for Provisioning Request id
[cn=CreateUpdateCertificate,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppCo nfig,cn=UserApplication,cn=DriverSet01,o=System]
version [44]
'Error initializing scripting engine or scripting context' encountered
when attempting to evaluate imported script function
<entire script from "Global Scripts" is dumped here>

The script hasn't changed for over 2 years.
It is created on the Overview tab in Designer.
Type is "inline". Workflow and Start Activity is checked. Forms is

My script contains the following two lines at the top:


If I remove them then the PRD loads without error but of course then my
functions that rely on those Java packages won't work.