SSPR 4.1.04 in IDM mode with OSP/NAM on Red Hat.

I knew I had seen the issue of very long tokens before, even though I
set it to 8 character, I was getting a B64 encoded token that was 3 SMS
messgaes long.

Found the message and it says that is the Crypto type. INterestingly,
the Verification tokens in Helpdesk module send 8 chars, but Verifying a
user during user Update sends the Crypto version.

No big deal, went to switch to LDAP storage, since I will have two
nodes, and get 5203: Configuration format error: cannot generate new
user tokens when storage type is configured as STORE_LDAP.

Docs say you cannot use LDAP storage for New User Registration, but this
is the Update Profile module. I suspect this is one of those cases as well.