We have seen Dell computers (newer models such as OptiPlex 5040 and 5050 with sixth and seventh gen Intel CPU's) inconsistently fail to image to Windows 10 x64. The BIOS is in UEFI mode and the imaging fails at the very beginning of the image. It may fail 4 times out of 5. This only seems to happen with traditional spinning hard drives. We are seeing this error message at the bottom of the screen when it fails:
bin/zenAdvancedScript: line 144: 2997 Floating point exceptioning rp $IMGSVR 1703Win10.zmg
Loading scripted installers

Here is a portion of our imaging script:

Line 143 echo "Loading Image"
Line 144 img rp $IMGSVR 1703Win10.zmg
Line 145
Line 146 echo "Loading scripted installers"
Line 147 img rp $IMGSVR 1703addon.zmg
Line 148
Line 149 if [ $drivers ]; then
Line 150 img rp $IMGSVR $drivers.zmg
Line 151 fi

When the 1703Win10.zmg fails (this is the OS) it continues to load the 1703addon.zmg (antivirus, ZENworks installer, etc) then the drivers. The addon and driver image copy OK, it only fails when copying 1703Win10.zmg to the computer.

We seen this behavior on ZENworks 11.4.1 then on ZENworks 2017. Has anyone seen this behavior before or have any ideas?