Hi, me again

I have noticed, that in email notifications (I will use Provisioning Notification as example) the generated task URLs have wrong protocol and port, as a result, they do not work when clicked on by user.

It looks like this:

A new provisioning request has been submitted that requires your approval.

Request name: Test Single Approval
Submitted by: User Application Admin uaadmin
Recipient: UserA

Please review the details of this request at http://acme.com:8180/IDMProv/approvalForm.do?weId=97a276df753445db9blablabla to take the appropriate action.

You can review a list of all requests pending your approval at http://acme.com:8180/idmdash/#/tasks.

I expect it to be https://acme.com:8543

The default template is defined like this: $PROTOCOL$://$HOST$:$PORT$/$TASK_DETAILS$

I would like to know, where to change what and why is it like this, when everything is configured with https and works just fine.

I am sure I can hardcode it into template, but that does not feel right