I'm trying to configure the CRL for our Organisational CA to have extended validity of a few hours to allow for a time window to allow services to fetch a newly issued CRL before the old one expires. I've followed the documented instructions in iManager, but it keeps giving me a -603 error (no such attribute).

After doing some traces, I've found the missing attribute is ndspkiCRLExtendValidity. Indeed, this attribute is missing from our schema. I've installed a completely new tree on a new OES2015.1 server and it too is missing this attribute and exhibits the same symptoms. I also can't find any reference to this attribute in any schema files under /opt/novell/eDirectory/lib64/nds-schema or /opt/novell/sch.

We're running on fully patched OES2015, but as noted, this also happens on a test OES2015.1 server.

Why might this attribute be missing? Is this feature no longer supported?

Thanks for any help,