Migrating from OES11 to OES2015
I have three servers all exhibiting the exact same error. I have an SR open
but won't get a response till Monday. Hoping to get this done today.
The migration wizard fails with error:
"The target server is configured with both service proxy and common proxy.
This is not a supported scenario and will cause failure of proxy user

On the source server the /var/opt/novell/log/proxymgmt/pxymgmt.log reports

Starting LUM proxy retrieval
Failed to get current LUM proxy user name: 2

The source server list only common proxy user under
Common Proxy: cn=OESCommonProxy_ccpsoes11-nsm,ou=DataCenter,o=ccps

Whereas the target server list two users:
Common Proxy: cn=OESCommonProxy_ccpsoes2015-nsm,ou=DataCenter,o=ccps
LUM Proxy User: cn=OESCommonProxy_ccpsoes2015-nsm,ou=DataCenter,o=ccps

Both servers are configured to use commondProxy user for LUM service and are
able to query eDirectory for user ID.


Looking at the pxymgmnt.log there is a line:
Executing command: /usr/bin/lum_retrieve_proxy_cred username

The path to the list of proxy users configured for the system is NOT
correct. The proper path is