I have been reading a great deal on issues with HP products not being able to do any imaging. I have 60 HP Probook 650 G3 laptops that I have been unable to image. I have 11.4.3 on my server, and the latest July driver updates, but I am still not able to pull an image from the laptop via PXE. I have tried "Legacy Disabled/Secure Enabled" in BIOS, which hangs on "Loading initrd /efi/x86/initrd..............done." I have tried "Legacy Enabled, Secure Disabled" in the BIOS which allows me to get all the way to attempting to pull an image, but errors out with "Trying to make GPT based image from BIOS machine." I have even tried disabling both Legacy and Secure, which hangs at the same spot as "Legacy Disabled/Secure Enabled."

Any thoughts on what can be tried?

Thank you.