I am working on a text driver where I will be 'creating' a few attributes in the CTP, in order to set them in the export file. For example I have a case where I need to read source attribute departmentName and set to Dept Name in the export file to BUT it can come from 1 of 2 source attributes, so I can't do just a 1 to 1 schema mapping. In the CTP if I just build my logic to get the right value and then add something like set destination attrribute Dept Name (call it using the destination name and where I have the schema mapping Dept Name to Dept Name), the driver doesn't set it because it is like the driver can't do it. But yet if in the ETP I clone lets say Surname to Dept Name, which then means I now have an operation attribute of Dept Name with the value of Surname, then in my same CTP rule I can reformat the operation attribute of Dept Name and then determine which value I need to use and then do a set destination attribute of Dept Name and it sets it just fine. My question is..........is cloning an attribute the only way to inject a new attribute into the event? and if that is the case, if it is in my schema mapping to map Dept Name to Dept Name then why can't I just have the rule to set destination attribute of Dept Name and it work instead of me having to clone operation to get a Dept Name in the operation? The problem I have with the clone, is that for an event where a departmentName is not available but yet I have cloned it in the ETP......then the Dept Name attribute gets set with the value of the cloned attribute in the export...when I wouldn't want it to have anything since their was no source. Thank you, I would just like some generic direction as if I am handling this right and/if how others are handling things like this.