My tree looks like this:

--Company B

My current IDM Driver set is currently setup:
GCV Common Settings - User and Group Containers US.CompanyA

I need to extend the the driver set to the entire tree. Since [ROOT] doesn't work I'm figuring that I can use CompanyA, and CompanyB as User and Group Containers. I want these drivers to behave exactly the same for both containers and I don't want to spin up another server to add another driver set if I don't need to. So a thought came to my mind about overriding the GCV Common Settings on a per driver basis. In my test environment I've created another driver, and RL set and I manually added and to the GCV Common Settings of the driver. I then set the those values to CompanyB.Of course this didn't work, it began to sync US.CompanyA.

I'm pretty novice with IDM, so I'm hoping that somebody can point me in the right direction. I'm using IDM 4.0.2 SE and the AD driver 4.0.1.