I have the sso issue on mobileaccess app on Android devices as below descriptions.

1. User access and logon mobile access - No problem
2. User click an app in appmark - No problem and can do sso
3. User back to portal screen and choose another app in appmark - Got problem, user is redirected to idp and logon again. So, user has to logon with IDP every time when choose another app on portal screen.

This problem does not persist in iOS Devices MobileAccess.

My NAM Environment:
- NAM Version: 4.3.2
- Cluster on IDP and AccessGateway
- L4 - Load Balancer in front of IDP and AccessGatway
- LDAP source is eDirectory 9.0
- MobileAccess App version: 3.0.2 (Latest)
- Android OS version: 5.0