Hi ,

I am trying to understand if its best to user Local variable with driver scope or use Operation Property when a local value needs to be set at the ITP - Pub Channel and the same value needs to be used in the OTP - sub channel.

I understand that when i use the Local variable with driver scope - every time a new transaction is started - these variables should be set with a null value.

On the other hand if i use the Operation Property for this purpose - that gets appended at the bottom of the xml and i am not able to get the impact because of that.

I already went through the below link

The link says - "Operation properties are probably a better choice. Of course they too are not perfect as they do not traverse a merge or synthetic add event well. "

Can you please help me understand this better ? And which would be a better option if i have to set a local variable in the pub channel - so that i can use it in sub channel for sending a notification lets say.

Thanks in advance.