I have a VM that is a DHCP server on one subnet, but it does not service anything on this subnet. It services my two other buildings that are on different subnets. It works and hands out IP address for those two buildings. The one thing I noticed, however, is in the dhcp.log file there is a lot of entries where computers on the same subnet as this server are looking at this server to get an IP address. It shows eth0: wrong network in the log file, likely because this server does not service this subnet. Computers that are on the same subnet as the DHCP server do get an IP address successfully but I wonder if it is looking at this one server first before going onto the other DHCP server that it is supposed to. I have the IP helper-address set on the routers.

I have this in the dhcp.conf file:

subnet netmask {} (it would not start DHCP unless I set this, this is the IP address of the server but it does not serve this subnet)
If a DHCP server is on a subnet that it does not service is there a way for the computers on that subnet to not even try to go to this DHCP server?