I have a problem with the eDir bidirectional driver only detecting certain events on the publisher channel, create (user,ou,group) events aren't detected (nothing in trace level 5 except the polling messsage; No intermediate response from server... will re-check after 10 Seconds) but if I delete any of these objects (the same ones I created) the event is detected. I am using different users account for creating the new users and for the driver authentication and both have full rights to the tree. Events on the Subscriber channel are detected correctly.

System: IDM server: SLES 11 SP4, eDir 9.0.3 HF1, IDM Server: IDM, Designer 4.6.1 (designer and packages up-to-date), eDir bidirectional driver
eDir-server: SLES 11 SP4, eDir 9.0.3 HF1, Changelog (schema also updated from same media and server rebooted).