I upgraded my primary server, which seemed to finish without any major issues, about a week ago. Traditionally I leave the server update running with only a single workstation update for at least 24-hours just to make sure I don't have any issues. My first workstation updated to the latest agent without issue. Since that point all updates seem to kill the Network access on both Win7pro x64 and Win10Edu x64 devices as soon as the agent reboots. I have been able to get things back and running only when I login and force the following commands down.

zac zeus-ref
zac ref general bypasscache

Once that is done everything works as expected.

This issue seems to be with both the server push version of the update as well as the stand alone update agent.

Any ideas on why this is happening? I am thinking of building a scheduled task that would auto run the above commands to see if I can work around the issue. I have teachers coming back from summer break in a week and students soon after that. I have a little under 700 devices to update. I hate to have this issue occur first thing with the student devices.

Thanks for any help!