Running IDM 4.5.5 with O365 driver on Windows Server 2012 R2 (eDir 8.8.10)

After some time my O365 state file on the .NET remote loader stops updating. It will work fine for a few weeks it seems and then just stop. We will process data through the Subscriber channel with no issues but any changes made in O365 do not sync to the vault (i.e. when a mailbox is created the driver doesn't detect it). When we start to see this behavior we will check the state files on the remote loader and see that our MsolGroup and MsolUser type state files have not been updated in several days. When we see this if we stop the driver and the remote loader we can clear out the apparently bad state files from the remote loader working directory and the DirXML-PersistentData on the driver in eDir. Then we can restart the driver and remote loader so that it creates a new state file and will start processing data again but the constant need to check that file and perform this cleanup is frustrating.

It does seem that we find the dates of the stuck state file tend to conincide with recent changes, almost as if the driver restarts are somehow corrupting or locking the state file and unable to recover later with virtually no details of the issue in the log files.

Does anyone have any ideas on what may be causing this issue or how we can resolve it to avoid the constant monitoring and manual effort to keep this driver running?