I am using Filr 3.2 standard edition, build 4670
My system is not particularly large; there are less than 400 users. The home folder server and the shared data server each host less than 6TB of data.

Many times my Filr appliance will pick up the addition of new users and their associated access rights for the net folder that contains shared data with very little delay.
Other times, I have to wait for the nightly synch process or manually trigger a synch process in order to see the appropriate additions/changes on that net folder.
I don't recall ever having a similar issue with a user's access to their home folder.
Manually triggering an LDAP synch does not seem to make a difference; the folder synchronization is the only successful solution.

Home folder access is passed on via the home directory attribute passed on by LDAP.
Shared data access is dictated by network group membership or direct Trustee assignment.

Is it normal to see these inconsistencies?
If so, is there a way to predict the circumstances that will require a manual synchronization?
If not, where would be the place to start looking for clues to the solution?