We have a weird issue with Self Service Password Reset portal.

We are running the latest version on a Windows 2012R2 server.
It is connected to our Edirectory.

Here is the issue we just discovered. I don't know if it's always been there or something new with version

In Edirectory my password has capital letters in it. When I log into Edirectory for a PC or even log into Imanager i have to make sure I have my password correct with the capital letters in it.

We have noticed when logging into Self Service Password Reset portal it uses the Edirectory password but doesn't seem to care if you use caps in your password or not.
So for example....

Bob has a password of TestMyPassword.12345! When logging into Edirectory Bob has to enter the password just like this in order to login.

But....when logging into the Self Service Password Reset portal Bob can login with password testmypassword.12345!

Is there something I am missing? Does this happen for other users running version on a Windows server?

Thanks for any help.