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Thread: Q about Azure Driver and Office 365 (unified) group support

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    Question Q about Azure Driver and Office 365 (unified) group support

    Microsoft more and more put accent to Office 365 (unified) group.

    Use this API to create a new group as specified in the request body. You can create one of three types of groups:
    Office 365 group (unified group)
    Dynamic group
    Security group
    For create specific group, we have to use groupTypes property in the Graph call.

    Specify the groupTypes property if you're creating an Office 365 or dynamic group, as stated below.
    Type of group groupTypes property
    Office 365 (aka unified group) "Unified"
    Dynamic "DynamicMembership"
    Security Do not set.
    "Application schema" (maping of our schema to Azure object properties) didn't see groupTypes attribute.
    I believe that Azure driver shim just skipped some properties (methods) available via GRAPH

    1. Do we have support for Office 365 (unified) group?
    2. If it not supported, do we have any info, when it will be included?
    3. If somebody have any expirience with Azure unified groups, you are welcome to provide tips or advices.

    Any output or feedback are welcome.

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