Anyone using this product within a K-12 environment? I currently use GroupLink's everythingHelpDesk and am reviewing whether to move away to another product or to stay with what we have. A few areas of concern our District Office is asking to be reviewed.

1. Easier end user process. Most of the teachers are confused by our current setup even though they can submit the request via e-mail.

2. Better management of Asset management. Currently I can bulk upload my assets (both network based and those that are free standing with no network access) but I can't remove them in bulk. We are one-to-one so end up having a large number of assets removed every year. Current method is to go in and delete one by one. Not sure if MFSD has this type of module or not.

3. Some kind of dashboard for reporting on how busy each tech is. My boss would like a "at a glance" overview of which tech is getting more tickets then they can handle and who might be under utilized.

I had a fellow SysAdmin look at Service Desk and stated he felt it was a bit overly complicated for what K-12 would need. I hate to get to far into a demo of this product if it is more intended to be a Corp. type application.

thanks for any advice.