We run a Novell 6.5 server. I usually upgrade the drives every two years as a matter of proactive maintenance. However, the last time I did that, the new drives created more problems than the old drives, so I skipped the last cycle. So my last update was in 2013.

I would be interested in some suggestions on what the most critical patches that I should run in this update cycle. We generally only use this server for internal documents, so no Internet remote access. We even disconnected from the Internet when we leave the office at night.

We run a RAID1, so we have two mirrored drives. I make a point to keep the bootable partitions up to date on each drive with the idea that either drive can become a new boot drive during a failure. I usually keep one drive available to boot in a backup server. Overall, it has been reliable over the years.

When I add the new drives, I usually break the mirror, then boot from one drive, then mirror in a new drive. I have the system relatively down pat.

In this upgrade cycle, I wanted to try to put the drive into some newer hardware. The backup drive failed to boot. I imagine there are some drivers that I need to load that would be available as part of whatever upgrade I do. Some insight on this would be helpful.

I also noticed that after I try to boot on the new hardware, and that boot fails, the drive no longer boots in the known to be good hardware. I am thinking that I should copy the NW server folder to some sort of backup, then if I get a failed boot, I can just copy over the NW server files. Is that how this works?

Any tips would be appreciated.