I am trying to access my filr stuff on a windows 10 host from a windows 7
virtual machine, and it fails horribly.

Setup is, that I have a windows 10 machine on which I have installed the
filr desktop client, it works flawlessly.
On this machine I have a windows 7 vmware virtual machine, in which I have
made a shared folder, which points to the root of the filr stuff (D:\filr).
In vmware I have made shure that this folder is not set to read only.

From the virtual machine I can navigate to the "filr" shared folder, but
when I click on "My Files", "Net Folders" or "Shared with Me", I get a
dialogue saying: "Z:\filr\My Files may not be accessible" and "Access is

I have tried to see if I can set FS permissions on my windows 10 machine,
to allow everyone full control to the folders (just a test), the result is
a dialogue saying:
An error occurred while applying security information to: D:\filr\My Files

Incorrect function.

If I cancel this dialogue, my machine instantly bluescreens with Stop
code:MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED and what failed NTFS.sys

1) Should this work
2) Any ideas to what I can do about it?