we see a strange issue here.

When overwriting a file on a cifs share (OES2015 SP1 fully patched - AD
enabled), we see a long delay when using Windows Explorer with Windows
10 (1703). It take up to 2 minutes when the explorer finally asks what
to do with the file (e.g. overwrite) the copy itself is fast. In this
time you can't even cancel the process, else Explorer crashes.

This occurs only on shares on OES2015 SP1 servers. On windows/nas shares
no delay occurs.

When using Total Commander or xcopy there are no delays at all no. So it
must be a Windows Explorer issue with Windows 10.

Also seeing no problems using Windows Explorer with Windows 7 / 2008R2.
(still have to check it with former Windows 10 versions - like 1607)

We uninstalled nearly all explorer Extensions to find out what causes
this issue. No solution so far.

Normal copy jobs run fast without problems, only when overwriting files.

Anyone else noticed that? Any hints?