Hi there,
has anybody an idea? I post on the IDM Forum as the root cause of my problem seems to be the "set Password on AD without using Ctrl+Alt+Del" as we do it with the IDM Drivers...

We use SSPR for forgotten Passwords and IDM for Password Synchronization, here is the challenge: Now once a user forgot it's Password and does a reset via SSPR including sync to AD (e.g. using a colleque's computer) it still can't start it's PC as the McAfee Drive Encryption Password is the old, forgotten one.

McAfee Drive Encryption grabs the Password from the Windows System (https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/inde...ent&id=KB69740 will bring some light into the McAfee side). Basically, McAfee forces customers to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to change a user's Password so they can grab and store it, what works against the idea of a corporate Password Portal at all.

Did anybody came across a problem like this and found a solution for it? I even assume that the Password of McAfee DE is stored somewhere local on the machine so an IDM Driver might not work at all...

thanks for Input, even the less obvious ideas might help :-)