Hi ,

Brief of the issue: In a workflow for creating the user, we have an option for entering end date (not in time format) and when we click on submit the user is getting created in IAM. Since we are getting the input as only date - the 00 gets upended in the last while the workflow form is submitted, for example as 20170811000000Z but when it gets updated in e-Directory, it is updated with a time 5:30 hours less than the current time. So the date value comes for the previous day as 10-08-2017 07:30:00 CDT in e-Directory(IAM).

I believe this time difference is because of LDAP time conversion.

One fix which that would work is add the time option in the workflow form at the time of user creation (where user can select the date and time) and this issue gets fixed. But end user does not want that - as they don't want the UI to be changed.

So we are trying to apply a fix using the Entity object where data mapping is done. We are tying to use below logic but we are getting error in work flow.

S = flowdata.Enddate();
s = s + 1000*5*60*60;

I think i am missing some conversion here. Can some please suggest ?