I see the following in another Forum Post:

Limitation in the OSX app:

Single addressbook
Affects: OS X 10.6 until OS X 10.10

OS X addressbook can only ever work with 1 address book. Even though the CardDAV standard makes it easy for users to own more than one addressbook, this is not supported.

Unfortunately this means that if a user has more than one addressbook in their account, only the 'first' will show up, and contacts from other addressbooks are completely hidden to the user.

This can cause for a lot of confusion, and there is no obvious solution other than simply enforce a 1 address book limit for users.

We are using GW 14.2.2 and have a Calendar Server setup.

I'm able to get our Mac Clients to see their Frequent Contacts Address Book via cardDAV, but how do I get the GroupWise System Address Book pushed out to the Mac Clients versus their Frequent Contact based on the above noted limitation?

Thanks, Dave.