Getting ready for the upgrade from 11.4x to 2017 I have been pouring over
the admin guide and the Zenworks Application guide. I am looking for some
clarification on the app window behavior in how I use it now vs what is to
come and what I need.
Currently I have my app window always open at login and it's set to not
allow to be closed. only minimized. to be able to do this I have to run this
bundle once against all users:
command: %zenworks_home%\bin\NalWin.exe
command line: /S /C="Zen Apps"
In 2017 will this still be valid? I can't find anything in the docs
mentioning how to auto launch window and dis allow closing.

Another feature I read about was the ability for end user to request remote
assistance. Can I disable this feature? I am in a school environment. This
is an unwanted feature. I'm not finding anything about it in the docs.
Probably just missing it.