Filr v3.2, small distribution. Downloaded all e-mail templates, 12. Made customizations to all of them, except teaming.vm. Started to test and following things.

1. At the stage of confirmation I saw e-mail template that is used probably by system only.

Your access to the item is confirmed
Sign in and access shared items
Micro Focus®Filr

This can cause the user to suspect falsification. No custom logos or text. All previous and next e-mails are sent by using customised templates.
First, can I go and change that template? Second, we would like to see this template in e-mail templates list in Admin Console.

2. At the same time there is no share expiration information passed to external freshly registered user. If user is already registered then they are able to see expiration date/time with in sharing notification e-mail.

3. This confirmation e-mail is sent from <name@domain> address. Would be nice to use "Display Name <name@domain>" format. I am not sure that we could use this in Filr VA Outbound E-mail configuration.

Has anyone come across these topics? Any solutions suggested?

Thank you for reading.
With best regards,