Hi everyone!

I have my own personal AddressBook with manually created users (not copied from somewhere). GroupWise client says that I'm an Owner of this AddressBook. All users in this AddressBook have Thumbnail Images.

I get AddressBookEntry from this AddressBook via ObjectAPI. Now I can get DisplayName, ObjType, EmailAddress, all field values.
But when I try to call the methods to work with Thumbnail Images, I get an exception "Update access is denied to current user".

Methods that cause such exception:
  • entryVar.HasThumbnailImage;
  • entryVar.SaveThumbnailImageToJPGFile('d:\test.jpg' );
  • entryVar.SetImageAsJPGThumbnail('d:\me.jpg');
  • entryVar.RemoveThumbnailImage

I get same issue on GW12 and GW14 (several builds).

Code sample:
fSession := CreateOleObject('NovellGroupWareSession');
fAccount := fSession.Login;
addressBooksVar := fAccount.AddressBooks;
addressBookVar := addressBooksVar.Item('MyBook');

entriesVar := addressBookVar.AddressBookEntries;
countEntries := entriesVar.Count;
for i := 1 to countEntries do
  entryVar := entriesVar.Item(i);
  currObjType := entryVar.ObjType;
  displayName := entryVar.DisplayName;
  email := entryVar.EmailAddress;

  if entry.HasThumbnailImage then    //here I get an Exception 'EOleException: Update access is denied to current user'
Collection AddressBook.AddressBookRights is empty. I even tried to put myself into this collection with egwFullAccess access.
myAddress := fAccount.Owner;
rightsCollection := addressBookVar.AddressBookRights;
rightsCollection.Add(myAddress, 1);
But nothing changes, I still get the same exception...

Did you get same issue on getting images from AddressBookEntry? Do you have some solution?

Thanks in advance!