Joakim wrote in the Engine forum:

> If I have the extra memory and cpu to have a local R/W of eDir on the UA
> server I want it since it will be quicker both in writes but especially
> in searching.
> If I have a local eDir it is almost no overhead to have the RRSD driver
> and UA driver local as well.
> Keeping eDir and the drivers on a separate server makes the UA server a
> bit lighter and could be quicker.
> But all communication needs to go to another server, especially all the
> ldap searches that most UA implementations do frequently.
> That means a delay in the search and possible hogging on that server.
> Function wise it would not matter at all as I see it.

I'd like to hear more first hand experience about such a setup, pros, cons,
possible pitfalls.

Do you run RRSD and UA driervs in a separate driverset or just add the UA
server to the one also running all other drivers. Replication issues to be
aware of? Do the role/resource/entitlement tokens behave differently behave
differently when assignments have to replicate from UA server to Engine server?
Any timing issues?

Thanks, Lothar


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