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Thread: Problem with O365 driver with O365 Exchange Online on yes

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    Problem with O365 driver with O365 Exchange Online on yes

    Hi my name is Sebastjan and i am trying to learn IDM but I have some problems configuring everything.

    IDM 4.6
    Designer 4.6.1

    My plan is to use our Working environment servers and Trial Office 365 account to test how to provision users to O365 through Remote Loader (Windows 2012)
    I have installed everything like documentation said.

    My problem is that if i enable Office 365 Exchange Online(yes) under Driver>Properties>Driver Configuration > Driver Parameters > Subscriber Options, driver crashes.
    Exchange and PowerShell service is set to on.

    I have raised trace level on both IDV and Remote loader, but based on logs I don't recognize what I did wrong.
    When i try to start driver from within Designer, it returns that driver is started, but if later i check status its turned off.

    Complete Logs for driver is in attachment (check for Fatal).

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I hope i have given enough information about error. If not please let me know what i need to append.

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