On 8/17/2017 11:54 AM, weaver wrote:
> Hello all,
> While I continue to try and make the web service calls work, I wanted to
> put the question out to the community. Is there any method to bulk
> create resource associations to roles with EntitlementParam values.
> Consider a case where the resource represents an entitlement, like a
> group membership, and the role represents a group of users, and the
> association contains the parameters, the group to which the role members
> should be assigned.
> How does one bulk load this sort of data? Or is one limited to the web
> UI and doing it by hand (or the web service with code, which I am trying
> to do now)?

Have you seen Fernando's scripting bash shell extension to let you do
RBPM ops?

He only did the Role endpoint. I wrote a bunch of articles offering ways
to extend it to Provisioning (only one or two examples) or Resources,
but ultimately you need to build the SOAP doc in a script and know the
format so the same issues you have with createResourceAssociation would
translate right through.