On Thu, 17 Aug 2017 23:04:02 GMT, gathagan
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>I have my appliance authenticating against my eDirectory environment.
>LDAP synching does nothing.
>I am still listed as an administrator, and when I log into Filr, I can
>see files and folders, but my home folder environment is missing, and I
>cannot add myself to the net folders for granting sharing rights.
>Is there any way to force Filr to re-recognize my LDAP identity ?

So the account is deleted but you can still login with it? Sounds
odd. Maybe it didn't fully delete so the LDAP sync doesn't see any
changes. Are you syncing everyone in eDirectory or just those that
belong to a group? I recommend using a group. If you are doing that,
then assuming that you have another admin account that you can use
within Filr, I would remove your account from the group that syncs
with Filr. Then login to Filr with the Admin account and on the User
Settings tab tell it to delete the account and check the associated
workspaces and content. Then tell Filr to sync with LDAP. Once that
is completed and your account is gone from Filr, add yourself back to
the group and run the sync again to get it back in.

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