Release: Micro Focus Filr
Build: 4670 / October 13, 2016
Filr Desktop Client 3.0 (104)
Client is Windows 10 Pro x64

I've quickly set up a filer demo site, three servers, imported users, created a single net folder server with folder.
The site is AD based, and the LDAP integration is running fine, people can log in, groups are there, and the proxy user is working.

I've also allowed personal storage.
I've created a folder via the webinterface in 'My files', and dropped a file in it.
Then I've installed the Windows client.
If I look in the administration console it is registered as a client.

I've dropped a filed in the local filr folder on the windows client.

But the folder / file from the server does not appear locally on the windows client, and the file on the windows client doesn't appear in the webinterface.

What to do? Where to search for what is going on?