In article <>, Glio wrote:
> Just upgraded my GW8 to GW2014r2sp2.

Which SLES did you end up going with? So that we can get any version
issues accounted for. Also is the entire system on one vm? Or is the POA
on a separate vm from WebAccess?

> Webaccess does not refresh itself when deleting mail.

If only we had an automated Febreze dispenser for the server to keep it

> Further checking the log file and notice this one thing:
> 12:15:39, <SOAP>, -, INFO, <system>, Poll thread listenening on:
> null:0

Which log file is this? I'm assuming it is the WebAccess logs as I've
seen a few such lines in those logs. I think it is a red herring as I
have those on a system where the refresh is working just fine. (On
OES2015/SLES11 on vSphere)


this is the setting on that system that works where WebAccess and the POA
(s) are on different vms.

> When netstat -tulpn, port 8500 is used by java

yes, java is correct. You can see which version of java is being used
from the WebAccess web console at
http://yourserversIP/gw/webacc?action=Admin.Open (your gw admin level
ID should work) look under the Configuration tab.

Do you have the firewall turned on? If so turn it off and test. If it
works then, then we have ports to enable through the firewall.

Andy of in Toronto
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