Last night at midnight, I attempted to assign the update to my primary servers. It had downloaded as a system update and replicated to both servers already. My understanding is that unlike former updates, this one can be assigned directly to my primary servers from System Update.

I assigned it to both servers as install "now" and opened the status webpage for updates. I ran a zac zeus-ref, zac ref, even restarted the services on both servers multiple times over the course of 90 minutes and nothing happened. The status never changed. I saw no activity on the servers. There weren't even log directories for the update guid created. Eventually I just removed the updates as I didn't want anything weird to happen that I wasn't going to be aware up. Everything seemed fine at the time and I got some sleep. Then about 2 hours later at around 3 am, both servers became unresponsive. The zen-server and zen-loader services crashed. After I brought the services backup up this morning at 6 am I checked the diagnostics page and doing so immediately crashed the services on the servers. Rebooting didn't seem to help much either. Luckily I created snap shots before I attempted the update of my database server and both primaries. I reverted to those snapshots and everything was fine again.

I checked my disk space. My upgrades to 2017 went fine just 6 weeks ago. I expected this to go even smoother. Anyone else having issues getting the updates to kick off? Hints or help are welcome.