Hi All,

I have a problem with importing an SSL to my Iprint Appliance 2.1 HP 79

I'm receiving the following error when attempting the import of the ssl certificate: "No certificates were found in the imported file."

Here's what I have done:

1. created a new self-sign server certificate as per 9.4.3 of the admin guide
2. activated the certificate and restarted the appliance
3. generated a CSR using the new self-signed certificate
4. submit my request for an SSL
5. upon receiving the certificate (crt format) I follow 9.4.7 of the guide to convert it to pfx format.

I think the problem is the conversion step. The example of the certman command references 3 files needed for the conversion:

1. third part certificate
2. the key file
3. the chain certificate file

Is the key file "vaserver.key" located at /vastorage/conf/certs/?
And is the chain file vachain.crt or vaserver.pem also located at /vastorage/conf/certs/?

If not where might I find the files.

I did not receive a chain file from the CA when requesting the SSL.

Thanks for your assistance.