In many parts of the world, students are heading back to school or university. The last thing on their minds is all the technology that makes a modern education possible. But you know better. If you work in the academic sector, you’ve been hard at work for months getting everything in place so they can login to the school portal, print from anywhere, reset their passwords (whenever someone dumps them), pick their classes securely, and so much more.

From file management, to email and scheduling for students and faculty, to wireless printing, to mobile and device management, to secure login, to disaster recovery planning, Micro Focus technology is a major player in the world’s academic institutions.

And now that Micro Focus has more products in the arsenal than ever before, we thought it would be awesome to find out what kinds of creative things you are doing with Micro Focus products to make things run better in the schools and universities you work in. Great excuse to have another contest, right?

Here’s the deal

Write a nicely detailed essay or article explaining the creative ways you use Micro Focus products in your school or university: READ MORE ABOUT IT