It seems schema handling is fundamentally broken with LDAP Designer 4.6.1.

Classes and attributes created without OID will get their syntax OID set as
when deployed. This leads to all kinds of funny effects as soon as you deploy
more than one attribute with the same syntax or multiple classes (which are all
treated with 2.16.840.1.113719. = SYN_UKNOWN.).

Unfortunately one cannot remove OIDs from schema with iManager, so to fix this
real OIDs have to be assigned (or the classes/attrs being deleted and recreated
with NCP Designer or iManager).

In case you want to use your own proper OIDs, you can request a PEN number for
your organization at

There also seem to be unresolved issues regarding mapping LDAP and NDAP schema
definition formats and syntaxes properly. Converting an NCP Designer project,
which has schema in sync with IDV to LDAP Designer format leads to all kinds of
differences being reported on compare.

I strongly recommend to NOT use LDAP Designer 4.6.1 for any live schema


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