here is the business case:

we want to make available our Net Folders in the desktop client (we are on Filr 3.2.1, client is 3.2).

We want to grant only restricted access. In particular, we do not want that a user is able to select and delete thousands of files on the Filr client

and subsequently, these files are delete on the server as well. Of course, we do not mind if a user does this in his own "My Files" area.

These users do have the NSS-Rights to do that. So of course they could do it anytime in the Windows exlporer. But we still feel that chances of such an event rises when deploying a new software like Filr Client.

So the question is: if we define a group in OES that grants only read-access and use this group in the "rights" tab of Net Folder. Would this be honored or would the users in this group still have write/delete access.

Reading the Filr documentation i would guess that the users would still have write/delete access as the documentation states, that Filr takes the highest rights it can find for a given user.

But i thougt i'd better ask.