I am trying to build reports using the ZENworks 2017 reporting server on my single primary ZENworks 2017 appliance system. I have the reporting server set up and am using the ZENworks Reporting Console. The manual is next to useless, IMHO. The only way I was able to figure out how to use the product to get useful reports was by watching the Jason Blackett YouTube videos. (Thanks, Jason)

I built an Ad Hoc View to show all of the versions of the Novell / OES clients that I have on my WS. I have the Machine name, Primary User, Room, Last Successful Scan, Product Name and Product Version in a table report. I have the following questions on the report process.

1. For some reason I have bad data in the report so I have entries for instance where the Product Name is "Client for Open Enterprise Server" and Product version is "2 SP3 (IR4)" but there is no Machine name or user! I want to highlight these rows in red. When I try to do conditional formatting on the 'Machine Name' column, I can't figure out how to specify rows that have a Null value for this field. I've tried using 'Equal' with the condition blank, or 'Contains' with the condition blank or double quotes (""). All of the Machine names have a part of the name with the same text, so I tried using 'Does not contain' and that text but it would still not highlight the fields where there was no machine name. What am I missing?

2. How do I get it to highlight the whole row for a specific condition instead of just the cell that the condition is on?

3. When outputting the report to PDF or .DOCX, how do I get it to use a 66 line page instead of the 30 lines or so that I would get on the screen?

4. In the page 18 figure of the 'ZENworks Reporting System Reference' manual, the buttons that are shown for 'Table', 'Chart', and 'Crosstab' are not shown in my program. Why not?