Dear Friends, Hi,

May be our question can be very simple or easy for you.
But we are new in using FILR. We do not have a NFS or CIFS. We wish to share some folders and files which are stored in an external Harddisk. (We will upload all those folders and files into FILR and then share it as Net Folder.)
But we do not know how to map a drive, and how to upload those big data into FILR through Mapped Drive/ Net Folder.

In other words, if you refer below message from FILR NET FOLDER SCREEN, it says "A mapped drive" or "A remote server" We do not have a remote server. So we would like to know how to map a drive and how to import/see it in FILR..

Thank you so much for your helps and interest in advance.


Net Folders are folders and files on your corporate file system. Filr gives you seamless access to these files, regardless of their location. Your corporate file system includes:
A mapped drive
A remote server
The corporate files that you have access to are defined by your Filr administrator.