Moved the GW2014 R2 primary domain to a Windows 2012 server, created the service with Groupwise Installation. Great.
Move the GWIA and the Secondary domain to the Windows 2012 server. Again great. Now to move the PO.

Steps taken
Stop the PO daemon and remove the PO IP address on the SLES 11 box. DBcopy to the Windows server.
Added the PO IP address on the Windows server, now run GW Installation, choose 'Upgrade an Existing Domain or Post Office to GroupWise 2014 R2', add the PO, browse to the new PO location, install lists the PO IP and admin port, 9711, put in the Admin username and password (same password to login into the GWAdmin Console, same password when made the MTAs and GWIA service). Upgrade summary list is good, (PO DB = 1420), Finish. ERROR

Unable to upgrade object ( An error (0x8209) occurred while setting the admin service port for post office database at 'D:\MAIL\UNIPAC.PO' )

And the POA service is not made. WHAT??

Any suggestions?