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Thread: SSPR - Shortcuts - Error 5015 (workaround)

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    SSPR - Shortcuts - Error 5015 (workaround)

    Hi there,
    I found another "good to know Feature"...

    I created an entry for "Modules - Authenticated - Shortcut Menu - Shortcut Items" and for the localization de I entered some German Umlauts for the Label.

    When calling the Shortcuts link, all looks nice, but when clicking on the link I receive error 5015 - ERROR_UNKNOWN

    In catalina.out I found the following error:
    ERROR, rest.RestAppDataServer, {6142} error determining idle timeout time for request: Illegal character in query at index 110: https://server/sspr/private/shortcuts?processAction=selectShortcut&link=<label text with German Umlaut>&pwmFormID=<a lot of chars>

    When using the HTML code for German umlauts ( e.g. &uuml; ), the same error occures. If I replace it ( e.g. ue ), it works well...

    Seems like there is some Encoding Problem...

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