I'm looking to only sync passwords to Oracle accounts in numerous (hundreds) databases with the JDBC Fanout driver. Just having the 'USERS' table without having any defined tables or views with a PK_ column how is this to be done? I've done this in standard JDBC drivers by running in schema-unaware mode and just sending direct SQL. However, this does not work with with the fanout configuration as it needs a 'dn' in the form of a connection string or a BROADCAST tag which apparently can't be injected into the operation data of a direct SQL command. Also, the fanout agent will not allow queries in schema-unaware mode so as to build an association. I've tried most everything I can think of and just keep hitting dead-ends. Maybe I'm missing something in all this.
Anyone have any thoughts on how best to use the JDBC Fanout driver to manage Oracle native accounts?
Thanks in advance.