I am processing a file that is received using the Delim. Txt driver and being processed to make changes in the vault. I have many rules in the pub-ctp that need to use the attributes in the file but for an account that already exist in the vault and a match was found...after the eDir and vault attribute compare has been done.....almost all of my attributes are no longer available because of the compare and the driver being done with them. My rules in the pub-ctp are using op-attribute to populate an attribute in the vault, but as previously stated.....the source attributes where my values are that I want to use are no longer in the operation. I do understand why it is no long an operation attribute :-)....just saying

I need some direction on.....in situations like this (I can't move my rules to the ETP etc.. so that isn't an option) what is the best way to handle this so I can still use any of my source file attributes in the CTP? The only thing I can think of, which would be kind of messy it seems, is in the ETP to put all of my necessary values in driver scope variables so they would be available wherever I needed them and then in the last rule in my CTP perhaps do a clear of the variables so they would be reset.

Thank you!