Hi All,

We have IDM 4.6 on windows environment. We are still using the /IDMProv applicaiton as we have lot of custom workflows. We are planning to use the /dash in the near future.

As I see in the /dash, make a request form/page to raise a request for roles/resources. I have few queries on this page.

Query 1: If I choose "SELF", I could see all the roles and resources on the permissions options. But I want to hide all the resources and few roles which should not be visible to end user to request (customer's requirement).
How can this be implemented? Also, is there any documentation on this?

Query 2: When I choose "OTHERS", I can search other users based on First Name and Last Name. I want to search based on Initials or CN.

Query 3: Also, when I choose "OTHERS" its not showing any roles/resources. I have given some text on the permissions area, but the application searches but does not display any roles. The same is showing roles when I choose "SELF".
Please let me know if something mis-configured here.

Thanks in advance