I recently upgraded an environment from 4.5.4 to 4.6.1.

Before the upgrade a custom Java class is called from workflow.

This problem ONLY occurs for users other than uaadmin. So it almost certainly something with rights to something.

In the UIControlRegistort.xml there is:

        <service resultType="json" authenticated="true" config="false">
Just like it was before the upgrade. Under WEB-INF/classes the files are still there with the correct placement.

I have stopped Tomcat and removed the IDMProv folder and /tomcat/work/Catalina/localhost

But I get this error when the Java class is called from workflow, when i am someone else than uaadmin:

2017-08-28 16:07:10,398 [ERROR] UIQueryServlet [RBPM] Service getPropertyFromFile not found in the UI registry.

The IDMProv folder has the following rights:

drwxr-x--- 23 novlua users 4096 Aug 23 15:07 IDMProv

What is going on here?

Thanks in advance,