Does anybody know if the subscriber channel in the Peoplesoft Driver is capable to send the npsmDistributionPassword to the component interface from Peoplesoft ??

I followed the next steps to achieve this task:

1. Install the password synchronization package
2. Password CTP rules from the package are set and detecting the event

[08/25/17 14:08:44.965]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: Evaluating selection criteria for rule 'Convert modifies of a nspmDistributionPassword attribute to a modify password operation'.
[08/25/17 14:08:44.966]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: (if-operation equal "modify") = TRUE.
[08/25/17 14:08:44.967]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: (if-op-attr 'nspmDistributionPassword' available) = TRUE.
[08/25/17 14:08:44.968]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: Rule selected.
[08/25/17 14:08:44.969]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: Applying rule 'Convert modifies of a nspmDistributionPassword attribute to a modify password operation'.
[08/25/17 14:08:44.971]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: Action: do-set-dest-password(token-xpath("modify-attr[@attr-name='nspmDistributionPassword']//add-value//value")).
[08/25/17 14:08:44.972]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST: arg-string(token-xpath("modify-attr[@attr-name='nspmDistributionPassword']//add-value//value"))

After the event ends , a warning messages says : modify-password not supported

[08/25/17 13:23:43.096]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:Password synchronization command detected.
[08/25/17 13:23:43.096]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:PeopleSoft CI Driver\PSOFTSubscriptionShim: execute
[08/25/17 13:23:43.099]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:PeopleSoft CI Driver\PSOFTSubscriptionShim: dispatch
[08/25/17 13:23:43.099]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:Password synchronization command status detected.
[08/25/17 13:23:43.100]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
[08/25/17 13:23:43.100]:MID-PSImberaPTM ST:
<nds dtdversion="3.0">
<status event-id="cscqmidm3#20170825182342#1#1:d95e6bed-95a3-4bd0-a71b-ed6b5ed9a395" level="warning" type="driver-general">
<description>Command 'modify-password' not supported</description>

How do you send the password in the Subscriber Channel ? I cant find an attribute from the Component Interface ( schema DIRXML_Schema01 ) to map the npsmDistributionPassword , please help

Thanks in advanced.